Advanced Structural Therapy

Unique Bio-Magnetic Devices

Electromagnetic Protection


The purpose of the SafeZone-EM™ is to provide a normalizing electromagnetic field (EMF) that mimics the Earth’s own background frequencies, sometimes referred to as the Schumann frequencies or resonances. This appears to mitigate or compensate for the effects of electromagnetic pollution (e.g., microwave radiation from Wi-Fi, smart devices, etc.), resulting in enhanced well-being, including improved sleep, reduced anxiety and many other health benefits.


The MatrixMag™ Home Treatment System, based on a patented alternating polarity concentric magnet (APCM), produces a cascading bio‐electrical effect, which appears to help restore healthy tissue bio‐electricity, resulting in pain reduction and support for the body’s natural healing properties. It supports the effects of Matrix Repatterning® and incorporates similar technology used by Certified Matrix Repatterning Practitioners.